Custom Coding

We offer custom coding services for the following languages/frameworks. We are well versed in each of these, and can provide fully professional end-to-end coding solutions for your needs.

  1. Back-end programming
    1. Core PHP (Object Oriented)
    2. CodeIgniter
    3. Laravel
    4. MySQL
  2. Front-end programming
    1. HTML5
    2. CSS3
    3. BootStrap
    4. AngularJS
  3. Automation
    1. VBA – Excel Automation
    2. Google Apps Script – Google Docs/Sheets Automation

Server & Website Maintenance

We have the complete skill-set required to maintain an Apache Web Server, so that you can focus on your business while we ensure your server never goes down and is in good shape from all technical aspects.

For any website developed using any of the programming languages/frameworks above, we also offer year-round website maintenance with bug fixing, design changing, functionality changing all included. The pricing will be based on how much work you want.

Website Security

We provide a complete security service in which we will ensure that your site does not get hacked by any means possible. If your website is currently under attack, we will provide the necessary support to bring it back on as soon as possible. We can do security audits of your website on request or as part of our website security plan.

Search Engine Optimisation & Online Presence

We offer a complete pay as you go service on SEO of your website. We are able to bring your website in organic search results with our consistent and ongoing efforts to enhance your business’s online presence. We provide complete packages with pay as you go service for SEO. With weekly/monthly reports on your website’s search engine visibility, you always know that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Make Your Website Responsive

Your website may not look good on a mobile screen, or you may want a new design for how it should look on mobile devices. We’ve got you covered – we can convert your existing design to work responsively across various screen sizes, and we can also design a whole new look for your website on mobile screens.

Website Speed Optimisation

If you’re looking to boost the speed of your website, you’re at the right place. We are able to optimise any kind of website developed in any of the programming languages/frameworks mentioned above. We provide initial and final speed reports of your website. And our speed optimisation doesn’t go away so easily – it sticks with your website unless you make drastic changes to it. In other words, once you get your website’s speed optimised by us, you can be sure it will deliver the same performance for at least the next six months to 1 year. We also offer this service as part of our website maintenance plan.